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February 21, 2021


St. Paul’s Moravian Church Joys, Prayers, & Concerns


Elaine S. is happy to report after seeing a neurologist she has not had a stroke and will see a rheumatologist for further diagnosis of health issues.
Tim S. asks for prayer for his niece Rachel 26, who has COVID. He also reports he will not have surgery for his back thanks to a new method using electronic intervention to alleviate pain.
Tony Z. is joyful that Wednesday was his 31 st anniversary in his fraternity and the family had breakfast at IHOP this past week and their favorite waitress, Ms. Kathy was there.
Doris W. reported that her sister has been released from the hospital after dealing with COVID but her brother-in-law is improving but still has to use a ventilator. She shared that it is her granddaughter, Alexis’, birthday, she is 23.
Ralph T. is joyful that his mother, Dorothy, celebrated her 95 th birthday on Saturday via ZOOM with many family members. She is thankful for all of the cards, well wishes and other things honoring her. It is also the 28 th anniversary of the automobile accident that she and her husband were in that changed their lives.
Theresa F. shared a joy that her brother is with her today and asks for prayer for her coming surgery on Friday.
Gail A. asks for continued prayers for her supervisor at work, Danielle, who is home from the hospital due to COVID but is still working through Chemo.
Kendra M. is thankful for all blessings especially water and for God’s working in Texas during the extreme weather.
Alice L. asks for prayer for Joseph during his hospitalization these last 3 days with COVID.
Kay J. asks for prayers of appreciation for our church congregation that keeps the needs of the church people and finances in mind and heart as they support both. For the spiritual growth that has changed us from St. Convenience to St. Gratitude; for Pastor Bill and 1 st lady Gail, who continue to lead and serve. Also for John Ruiz who deals with asthma, we ask for complete healing.