Ministry For Women

St. Paul’s Women’s Fellowship is an important part of St. Paul's Church.  The focus is on getting to know the Word of God. We do this by studying books of the Bible, individual characters from the Bible and themes that occur throughout the Bible.  We sometimes study books that help us understand the Bible better. 

The Women’s Bible Study uses a discussion format and encourages all participants to share the leadership of the group.  We are blessed with some many devoted and talented women who by sharing the discussion and presentations cause our joy and growth to abound.  All women and friends are invited to join us.  You need not be a member of St. Paul’s to participate.

There is still much more we could do with additional willing hands and fresh ideas.  Please join us in accomplishing our mission.  Check the Church calendar or call the church office at 301-627-4200 for the next scheduled meeting date or further information.