SPMC Community Yard Sale

April 27, 2019, 8:00 AM






Thank you for your interest. Please join our Google Group for updates as information becomes available, the link is below.





The Church Office receives MANY phone calls for each Yard Sale, so we are trying to answer some of your most frequently asked questions through this communication.  Of course, if we do not address something that you need to know, please call the church office at 301-627-4200 or send an email to spmoravian@gmail.com. 

How long and how often has St. Paul’s been having yard sales?

We began hosting Yard Sales about 30 years ago, and they have grown from just a few church booths and space rentals up to 80-100 families!! Our Community Yard Sales (held twice a year – in the Spring and Fall) have become increasingly popular, not only for sale value, but because it’s always a fun day – come out and meet your neighbors, sell some stuff, buy some stuff, visit with friends over a cup of coffee and donut or hotdog and soda, and just enjoy the day!   

How do I reserve a spot?

You can go to www.spmoravian.org and complete the registration form.  To cancel or change the number of spaces needed, kindly email or phone the church office (301-627-4200) and leave a message with your name and phone number.  We rent space, not tables.  Fees are $20 for a single, $30 for a double, $40 for a triple and $50 for a quad.  A single space is about the size of a parking space and is enough for most vendors.  We recommend bringing a 6ft table or smaller and if you’d like, an 8X8 tent.  A larger tent would require a reservation for at least two spaces.

When can I set up?

We start directing to vendor spaces at 7:00 AM.  Spaces are on a first-come, first-served basis.  Pull up at the entrance to our upper parking lot, a Yard Sale Team member will greet you, show you where to safely unload your vehicle and where to park your vehicle afterward.  Once you have unloaded, please move your vehicle so others may unload.  Additional parking is available at Marlton Elementary School, across the street from the church. 

How do I pay for my space?

We do not collect any money from anyone until the time of the event.  Once everyone is all set up, someone from the church will come around to collect the space rental fees -- you will easily recognize them by their nametag and clipboard!  If you are selling several large pieces of furniture or lots of baby gear (crib, high chair, playpen, etc.) then you might want to rent a double just so you can spread out some.  We do accept checks, (made out to St. Paul's Moravian Church) and remind you that the fees are considered a tax-deductible donation to the church.  Thank you J

Are there any things I cannot sell?

You may sell almost anything, including household goods, clothing, furniture, plants, baby supplies, Tupperware, Pampered Chef, Mary Kay, etc., however, we do insist that you leave your adult magazine collections, and gun/knife/weapon collections at home.  They are not allowed on our property and we expect respect, not only because this is a church function, but also one with plenty of children around – safety and morality are our primary concerns.  If our Yard Sale Team members do see something inappropriate they will ask you to remove such items to your vehicle.

OF SPECIAL NOTE:  St. Paul’s has our own food concessions, so we cannot let vendors “compete” with us by selling prepared food.  We are responsible for consumables sold, and can’t take on added liability for outsiders’ food items.  Thank you.

Does St. Paul’s advertise the yard sale?

YES!! We take care of that for you and get the crowd here on the day of the event. We will also send you a flyer to share.

What else is available?

The church will be open for restrooms and water fountains – oh, what a relief!!!  You may use an electrical outlet in the hallway if you need to prove to a prospective buyer that something electrical works. If you have any other needs on the day of the event, just ask someone at the concession stand and we’d be happy to assist you. 


We suggest packing up your car and driving straight to the Amvets, Salvation Army or Goodwill drop offs in Waldorf or any other charitable organization that receives and distributes used items.  Of course, you can always save it as well, for the next Yard Sale in the Fall!!


PLEASE DO NOT CALL the church office throughout the week leading up to Yard Sale, to ask if we’re going to have it or not.  If it’s looking like a rainy or windy (or even worse -- snowy!) day, we will update our answering machine (301-627-4200) Friday night or by 5AM Saturday morning. The decision is not made in the church office, but is made by the Yard Sale Team and they watch the weather forecasts closely!  When they know, you’ll know.  We will also send out a quick e-mail if we have enough advance warning for postponement.  We do ask that you consider praying for a nice, sunny day!  And don’t forget your sunscreen when we do get that beautiful day!!


DIRECTIONSSt. Paul’s is located at 8505 Heathermore Blvd., in the Marlton subdivision, south of Upper Marlboro.  From the Beltway take exit 11A Southeast to Pennsylvania Avenue/Route 4.  Follow Penn. Avenue about 7 miles to Route 301 South.  Take Route 301 South about 4 miles, when you will see a Bojangles/Exxon Station shopping center and 7-11 on your right.  Get in the left-hand lane and proceed on 301 South to the traffic light, which is Heathermore Blvd.  Turn left onto Heathermore, into Marlton.  Stay in the right lane to the top of the hill, and at the STOP sign you will see the church in front of you -- turn right onto Trumps Hill Road, and then a quick left onto Monmouth Drive, which will bring you to our parking lots. 

            From the south, take Route 301 North through Waldorf, Brandywine, and Cheltenham.  You will see a Food Lion/McDonalds shopping center and Shell Station on your right.  After that traffic light, continue on 301 North to the next light, which will be Heathermore Blvd.  Make a right onto Heathermore and follow as above.   

Any other questions, please call the church office. 

Again, thanks for participating in our Community Yard Sale.  We hope it will be profitable for all of you, and that you enjoy yourselves! 


                                                                        -- The Yard Sale Team